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Thirty years BREMINALE !

The colourful culture hubbub becharms the Osterdeich since 1987

The Breminale celebrates it’s 30th! On this occasion, the entrance-free Bremen culture festival has decked itself out especially beautiful. From 5th to 9th of July 2017 the whole area from the Osterdeich meadows up to the Altmannshöhe will be drenched in glinting colours and clangorous sounds. And of course, art workers and lovers from all over the world are invited to this anniversary party.

By this time the Breminale is bigger and more seasoned – but far from mature. There are no limits to imagination. The festival at the Osterdeich leaves room for culture in all its artistic forms. Diversity is enjoyed to the fullest. This goes for the audience as well: People from all nations, cultures, sexes and age bands are welcome!

The prominent circus tents are a tradition and offer a many-faceted program during the five festival days. The Deichgraf stands in the middle of the Osterdeich: presented by Bremen Vier, the top acts of the pop and rock scene will bustle about in this tent. Bremen Eins displays the varied program of the Baronesse. The Flut stage of Kulturzentrum Lagerhaus will be presented by Cosmo und will provide for musically unforgettable moments, too.

For all the friends of booming basses: Bremen NEXT presents the Tanzboden again this year. The Wohnzimmer, however, invites you to a cozy get-together with ice-cooled drinks. A few meters from there the creative minds of the Dreimeterbretter build their own stage as an art installation. Consisting of picked up and washed up stuff, the stage is a unique eyecatcher.

The Himmlische Wiese at the Altmannshöhe is likewise an oasis of adventure and wellness. In a paradisiac ambience, one could easily get to like this place, comfortably sitting on a sofa in the cool shadows of the trees. But don’t worry, the party is going on here aswell! In between rookie roller dancing and French flair, selected singer-songwriter ear candy can be heard at the Jurte stage. And in the big Himmelwärts tent a curvaceous program is being served, presented by Nordwestradio.

The Breminale for Children is happening on the entire festival site and holds a full dose of adventure ready for the younger visitors. Whether climbing, XXL-painting or collective music making – kids can live it up to the hilt. Besides a musical program there are bilingual readings waiting for cocked children ears. Authors tell of brave heroes and fairytale worlds which cast a spell over the whole audience, book worms and book muffles alike.

For the small and big appetite, the Breminale offers an inexhaustible range of culinary delicacies – from sweet to hearty, classic to exotic there is something for every palate. Re-designed is the Dörfliche Wiese: Regional dishes from organic farming can be enjoyed at the new BioPromenade from where the view on the Weser is simply picturesque. On Sunday, the Deichbankett is inviting everyone to collective feasting and amusing on the Osterdeich.

To shine in all its splendour now and in the following years, the cultural spectacle needs financial support. Everyone who feels connected to the festival and its philosophy can contribute to the preservation of the Breminale and to an ever more sustainable infrastructure by purchasing a supporter festival wristband. Last year we could already take a visible step forward: The kilometer-long chain of lights that illuminates the area every year was completely assembled with energy-saving LED lamps. Without the support from many individuals this would not have been possible! Sustainability is and remains a matter of the heart for the Breminale which can only be managed as a community.
In this context, we will inaugurate the ZOB Wiese next to the Deichgraf tent. Here the festival’s private bus terminal will come to life where, among other things, the Breminale bus will be parked. The bus provides the opportunity to save a piece of the culture festival and take it home. The bus is the ideal stop for fans and friends of the Breminale to get a souvenir and support their favourite event at the same time.

There is so much to explore! Countless cooperation partners decorate the five festival days with an eclectic program, crazy ideas and artful performances. Information about who plays when and where and what else is planned at the Breminale can be found here! Anticipation is rising!